This is a chart I found that shows you the various stand standard breeds of chickens. Chickens are a great livestock for preppers/survivalists due to the fact that they not only provide you with eggs and meat, but they are extremely helpful in maintaining pest control. They eat everything ants, roaches, spiders and even mosquitoes. They can also serve as an alarm if there is a predator near.


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  1. These are nice graphics showing many breeds I had never even heard of, let alone seen. The immediate question though would be to address the aspects of which of these breeds are the best to use for “prepping”? I’m sure not all breeds are equal from a sustainability point of view or when considering that all veterinarians might have just “disappeared” etc.


    • We are here to serve as a library of information, and really try to avoid voicing opinion (too many other sites seem to try and push their opinions on guests). Which breed of chicken you choose to raise (either for a farm effort, or survival effort) is your own choice. We each have opinions and choices, and many of them are not wrong. With chickens, as with many things, there are no real ‘wrong answers’, only best-fit opinions which drive individual choices. Do you want brown eggs? White eggs? Big meat-chickens? Small compact (small farm) chickens? Each answer will drive a choice or choices from the shown chart of only a few breeds.

      The charts offered help you research each breed, most are very difficult to acquire chicks to start them on your farm. The most-popular ‘brown-egg’ birds are the Domineckers and Rhode Island Reds. Of the two, the RI Reds are quite a bit smaller when grown, and much more docile in temperament. These two breeds make up a large part of the U.S. chicken stocks for brown egg producers (there are few brown egg layers vs white egg layers).

      We hope this helps you a small amount, in terms of information – but in the end, it really is your choice. Good luck


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