FRS GMRS Frequencies    <-<- Here for Frequency Chart <-<-

An example of FRS GMRS Radios that are affordable and available on Amazon click the link below.

For those not familiar with the small hand held radios sold in the bubble packs at big box stores, they are not children’s walkie talkies, they are inf act FRS GMRS radios.

FRS stands for ‘Family Radio Service’ and GMRS stands for ‘General Mobile Radio Service’. Both are combined in most radios to cover a total of 22-channels (1-7 and 15-22 are GMRS, 8-14 are FRS).
FRS broadcasts on 0.5 watts of total broadcast power, while GMRS can generate up to 50 watts of power (most big-box handhelds only output 2-4 watts of power on their GMRS frequencies).

To talk on FRS, you need no license or permit, just charge them up and talk (that’s channels 8-14 ONLY). GMRS requires a license from the FCC to legally use. Luckily, there is no test required, and it is only $85 for a 5-year license. Just apply for the license and send the fee, and you are covered. With a license, you can use up to 50-watts of GMRS power, you can build and use repeaters, and your license covers everyone in your household for ‘same system use’ (so as long as you are with them, they are covered under your license, too).

Far better than the old 27, 29 or 49 Mhz walkie talkies of yesterday, FRS radios reach out in ‘unobstructed line-of-sight’ ranges for miles. Get the GMRS license, and with repeaters, it is not unreasonable to reach 100 or more miles with them at higher power levels. They are NOT interactive with the older 11-meter (CB) frequencies, as they are operating at much higher ranges (460-Mhz ranges). This gives good, clear talk that can compare to cell phones, versus staticy old CB (at much higher power levels, with GMRS).

Like CB, though, they are ‘standardized’ frequencies. Though some manufacturers have grouped their FRS channels below GMRS, the same frequencies are still used (though possibly, in a ‘re-arranged’ format – where my channel 8 might be your channel 1, depending on radio manufacturer).

GMRS is the best solution offered to the amateur radio using citizen in 50 years, and is VERY under-utilized. Very few people use these other than as ‘toys’ for their kids, and that is unfortunate. In a survival situation, they could be indispensable staying in contact with other family or group members, and with standardized frequencies, are easy to add ‘just found’ additional radios into your own network.

The chart above shows the frequency ranges, so you can better-understand how different radios are actually operating, as well as being able to program a general analog scanner to pick up your custom network of FRS-GMRS radios.


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  1. Nice to read an article from someone who is NOT pushing radio amateur gear.


    • I have the ones pictured/linked there they have been wonderful and my goal it to inform, not to sell. Glad you liked it. I hope to continue to add more content daily let me know what you think and thanks for following!


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